Aspiring Kids TV Producer who also bakes delicious cookies

  • These cookies are frickin amazing!!! The packaging is so professional and sweet and the cookies themselves are SO DAMN GOOD!!!

    - Shevaun G.

  • Not only are the cookies AMAZING, but Rosie was so fun to work with and went above and beyond to fulfill my order. 10/10 would recommend!

    - Hannah W.

  • More cookies please!

    - Kugel R.

  • I genuinely think they were the best cookies I’ve ever had. My sister ate one 2 weeks after we got them and still liked it!!

    - Stephanie D.

  • OMG these are the most delicious cookies I have ever eaten! Rosie does not skimp on the ingredients. It is a rich dark chocolate, real butter and a hint of salt. Wow!

    - Ina and Irwin R.

  • Ok these are good af

    - Josh G.

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